At Gratitude Initiative, we aim to change our culture one conversation at a time, in one community after another. And we’ll do this by resourcing and gathering communities to talk about and practise gratitude.


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We want to tell a new story through the power of gratitude, so that we may discover a new language that encourages the behaviour of altruism.


The Gratitude Initiative’s mission is to encourage and promote a ‘gratitude culture’ in Britain (i.e. a culture where we practice and express gratitude even as we seek and strive for social and personal development and growth) in our personal as well as our communal lives. For this reason, we see gratitude as a vehicle towards a fulfilled self and a harmonious society.


We are convinced that a greater culture of gratitude can make a very significant social contribution. A society in which resentments towards the other are frequently expressed without respect and mutual appreciation is a society in danger of fragmentation. A society, however, in which gratitude to the other is readily expressed is one that will be inevitably more stable and coherent. We feel that in the wake of recent political and social developments, this message, whilst timeless, is of particular value and urgency.

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The Gratitude Initiative board is Chaired by Bishop Ric Thorpe and meets quarterly to provide governance, financial oversight and strategic direction.


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``Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues but the parent of all the others.`` Marcus Tullius Cicero