The Gratitude Summit is an opportunity to explore the theological, missional, and social rationale behind the pursuit of gratitude as a formative language in UK culture.


Our mission at Gratitude Initiative is to see gratitude recognised as a value that brings harmony and well-being to UK culture. We believe that gratitude would change core narratives in our communities, disrupting the status quo by challenging the way we think and motivating new approaches, conversations, decisions, and actions.


We hosted the first Annual Gratitude Summit on Thursday, 24th March 2022, at St Paul’s Cathedral, London.


Thank you so much to those who were able to join us, we had a wonderful time hearing from Rev Dr Girma Bishaw, Dr Harvey Kwiyani and Andy Frost. Our thanks go to Pastor Celia Apeagyei-Collins and The Rt Revd Dr Ric Thorpe who were our hosts.


Holding the event at St Paul’s Cathedral was such a privilege and created the perfect backdrop for our first Gratitude Summit.


Please do take time to watch the videos below, featuring our three speakers and hearing from many of our guests about what they took away from the summit.

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``Gratitude helps us see the world differently.`` Girma Bishaw