What We Do


Since our formation in 2015, Gratitude Initiative has:


Organised gratitude events for public and voluntary sector representatives in the borough of Islington.


Produced and posted online gratitude focused educational materials.


Organised gratitude seminars at the House of Lords.


Started preliminary work on a gratitude curriculum for primary school pupils.


Hosted our official live launch In November 2020 with a host of high-profile guests speaking about gratitude.


Launched the first Annual Gratitude Sunday beginning with 17 London churches in 2021.


Hosted our first Annual Gratitude Summit at St Paul’s Cathedral in 2022.

Annual Gratitude Summit

The Gratitude Summit is an opportunity to explore the theological, missional, and social rationale behind the pursuit of gratitude as a formative language in UK culture. Find out more.

Annual Gratitude Sunday

Gratitude Sunday is an annual church service involving the community to express gratitude to God and to appreciate individuals. Find out more.

Live Launch 2020

We officially launched the Gratitude Initiative in 2020 and were immensely privileged to have a host of high-profile guests speaking about Gratitude from an academic, cultural, and practical perspective, interspersed with music from around the world.  Find out more.

Gratitude Dinners

Gratitude Dinners provide a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the positive contributions and the good that we witness with our public sector services, charities, and community organisations that are making a difference locally. Find out more.



Becoming the go-to place on all things gratitude with an annual summit on new thinking and practice.


National Gratitude Information Hub
To be a place where people find all things to do with Gratitude to inform their knowledge and practice. Specifically, books, articles, research materials, podcasts, training and the how of practising gratitude.


Annual UK Gratitude Summit
Inviting practitioners, authors, and scholars to share their knowledge and inform us of the nature, benefit, application and practice of Gratitude. We will be publishing the papers presented at the summit to make them available for wider use.


Producing Gratitude Resources
Producing books, booklets and disseminating gratitude stories via our social media platforms.


Developing a gratitude curriculum, facilitating local community conversations and hosting national celebrations.


National gratitude celebrations
Hosting national gratitude celebrations where the good is acknowledged and celebrated, the merit of gratitude communicated, gratitude consciousness awakened, and a positive narrative is incorporated in people’s conversations, particularly when tackling complex issues.


Local Gratitude activities
Introducing a gratitude approach to community cohesion. Identifying, celebrating, and acknowledging positive stories, constructive actions, and community heroes, and use the occasion as a platform to deal with complex issues, in other words, changing from a problem-centred approach to a strength centred approach when dealing with problems in the community.


Gratitude Curriculum
Introducing and working with educationalists to develop a gratitude curriculum for schools.


For an annual Gratitude Sunday and a National Day of Gratitude.


Annual Gratitude Sunday
Campaigning for the last Sunday of May to be an annual Gratitude Sunday.

National Day of Gratitude

Campaigning for a National Day of Gratitude.


At Gratitude Initiative we want to introduce gratitude as a tool and language that transforms and fuels the way we approach solving individual and social problems resulting in harmony and wellbeing.


We work with local and national teams and partners to see a culture of gratitude promoted and established in various communities, as well as at a national level through gratitude ambassadors, community conversations, major events, and publications.


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``Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues but the parent of all the others.`` Marcus Tullius Cicero