Gratitude Initiative Live Launch 2020

Welcome to the live launch of Gratitude Initiative!

We were immensely privileged to have a host of high-profile guests speaking about Gratitude from an academic, cultural, and practical perspective, interspersed with music from around the world.

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How is Gratitude Initiative planning to engage in promoting a gratitude culture in Britain?



By being a National Gratitude Information Hub (A resource centre for Gratitude) To be a place where people find all things to do with gratitude. Books, articles, research materials, training, and the how of practising gratitude.


By conducting annual UK Gratitude Summit, inviting practitioners, authors and academicians to share their knowledge and inform us of the nature, benefit, application and practice of Gratitude.


By Producing books, booklets and disseminate gratitude stories via our social media platforms.



By conducting national gratitude celebrations.


By promoting local gratitude activities.


By introducing and working with educationalists to develop a gratitude curriculum for schools.



By Campaigning for the last Sunday of May to be an annual Gratitude Sunday.


By Campaigning for a National Day of Gratitude.

If you are asking the following questions, please feel free to contact us via


I want to join churches across the UK to host annual Gratitude Sunday, where do I register?


How can I cultivate a gratitude mindset?


How can we incubate a gratitude culture in our community?


How can we use gratitude as a tool to make a constructive conversation possible in a hostile environment?


How can we hold a gratitude event in our borough?


How can we access gratitude resources?


How would the Gratitude Initiative help us to promote a gratitude culture in our organisation or locality?


I want to be a gratitude ambassador; what should I do to become one?



Keynote from:

Miroslav Volf
Professor of Theology and Director of the Yale Centre for Faith and Culture at Yale University

And contributions from:

Star Dargin
Author, Keynote Speaker, and Founder of Star Leadership

Revd Dr Joel Edwards CBE
Author, Keynote Speaker and Visiting Fellow at the University of Durham

Dr Fuschia Sirois
University of Sheffield, Reader, Psychology

Dr Giacomo Bono

Associate Professor of Psychology at California State University, Dominguez Hills

Revd Celia Apeagyei-Collins
International Speaker, Founder and Director of Rehoboth Foundation and Trustee at Gratitude Initiative

Interspersed with music from:

South Asian Choir

Debby Mendoza

Clive and the Now Generation

Gratitude: Regional Perspective

Pastor Cesar Mendoza
Founder and Senior Pastor at ICIMA Generations

Nidia Gonzalez
Mission Director at Christ at Home Ministries

Rosemary Gibbons
Mission Director at Christ at Home Ministries

Dayalan Mahesan
South Asian Forum National Coordinator

Yuki Johnson
Commissioned Lay Minister Japanese Anglican Church (UK), St Martin’s West Acton

Mark Sheard
World Vision UK, CEO

We are grateful to our partner organisation World Vision UK, who are celebrating their 70th anniversary and support this launch event.

Gratitude: Local Platform

 Islington Gratitude Steering Committee

Dr John Woolf

Councillor for Canonbury, Islington

John Tasker
ALMA Twinning Officer

John Theuns
Operation Mobilisation UK

Revd Margaret Evans
St Stephen’s, Canonbury

Gratitude: Personal Pilgrimage

Gratitude Initiative Governance

Bishop Dr Ric Thorpe
Bishop of Islington, Chair of Gratitude Initiative Trustees

Matt Bird
CEO/President of Cinnamon Network International, Gratitude Initiative Trustee

Revd Celia Apeagyei-Collins
Founder and President of the Rehoboth Foundation, Gratitude Initiative Trustee

Revd Hun Kim
Diaspora consultant & Director of KRID, Gratitude Initiative Trustee

Dr Harvey Kwiyani
Lecturer at Liverpool Hope University, Gratitude Initiative Trustee

Dr Girma Bishaw
Director & Founder Gratitude Initiative

Gratitude National Development Team

Andy Frost
Director at Share Jesus International

Dr Yoseph Mengistu
Senior Teaching Fellow at SOAS University of London, a Campus Tutor at Formission College

Neil Powell
Director at The London Project

Pastor Chrishanthy Sathiyaraj
Founder and Director of The Life

Dan Usher
Founder ShareTheMiracle

Ruth Tormey
Head of Church and Supporter Engagement at Tearfund