Letters of Gratitude from the London Ambulance and The Manna Homeless Charity

Over the last few years, we have held two Islington Gratitude Dinners to promote the culture of Gratitude at a local level, lift the morale, acknowledge the contributions, and to strengthen the relationship between the Islington Community and represented public and voluntary sectors.


We would like to share with you two wonderful responses we received from the London Ambulance and The Manna Homeless Charity following the dinners.

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The Manna Society Homeless Charity

The poem is on the wall in The Manna office and is noticed by many people.


We were so pleased to be recognised in this way because our work is often thankless.


Our project working with homeless and marginalised people is not glamorous and we do not generally seek publicity because many of our clients prefer to be anonymous. So, it was heartening that Gratitude has noticed us and shown appreciation.


We feel encouraged and even more determined to fulfil our mission of justice and support for those on the edge of society.


Having so many other organisations at the event too reminded us how strong the voluntary sector is in Islington and how much potential there is to work with the churches and statutory services.


It is good that Gratitude brings people together, not for “networking” – there can be too much of that – but for appreciation.


Best wishes

Anne Cartwright
The Manna

Girma Bishaw wrote this poem and community leaders and dignitaries presented it, framed, to the represented organisations.

London Ambulance

I would like to thank you personally and all your colleagues from myself and the London Ambulance Service for the lovely certificate that you have awarded us.


Your award was greatly appreciated by the staff at Islington station and has been shared by us for all the staff within the service.


It is not often that we are recognised for the work we do, and your award meant so much to each and every one of us as it shows us that the public are grateful and do care for the role we play within the community.


The staff who attended the ceremony would like to thank you all personally for a lovely evening and the respect and courtesy that they were all shown, and all had a very enjoyable evening.


Thank you once again for remembering us and your Thank you was distributed to each and every staff member who works for the London ambulance service.


We are honoured to serve the community and especially the community of Islington.


Kind regards and deepest thanks

Gary Barrett | Group Station Manager

London Ambulance Service NHS Trust